[MV] Kim Jo Han – I’m Sorry My Love Is Late

I have yet to listen to the whole album but I like this song…even though it’s a sad song :/ The full title of this MV is actually “Soul Family with Kim Jo Han – I’m Sorry, My Love is Late”. I have no idea who’s Soul Family is though.

Nothing really much to say about the MV. It shows a guy and a girl after a breakup and they were sad about the breakup…then showed scenes of their happier times… The guy did ad-lib to KJH’s song in the MV and I’m positive that guy is NOT Kim Jo Han.

Let me know what do you think of the song/mv …

Some screencaps:

Download MV – 34 MB
Credit: Oi Music / re-uploaded by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Please do not post file link elsewhere and no hotlinking of pictures


4 thoughts on “[MV] Kim Jo Han – I’m Sorry My Love Is Late

  1. thank you very much.
    honestly, i enjoy almost all the sad songs.
    i haven’t watched this one yet.
    i hope it will be a good one.

  2. Hi!

    I came across your blog while looking for info on Kim Jo Han. Really like your entries…Appreciate bloggers like you for keeping non-Koreans like me updated on the K-industry..

    i was wondering though…do you have an mp3 of this song? like the melody..if you do, can email to me? thanks ya…

    looking forward to more updates on your blog..aja aja fighting!

  3. waaah i believe the people starring this mv is Jessica from the girl group SNSD and the actor Lee Sun Ho, but about him i’m not so sure -_____-

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