FT Island concert

Honestly, I have never listen to any of their songs. I know that they are real popular and young and has lots of fans. They have just won the MKMF awards this year for Best New Boyband and MNET Popular Artist. I always shuddered at the word “Boyband” coz it reminds me of a group of pretty boys who are only grouped together because of their looks, doesn’t perform on stage live with musical instruments, etc. I think it is unfair to group FT Island under boyband – yes, they are young but they do perform on stage like a band.

OK, time for me to go and find all their MVs 🙂

FT Island’s 1st concert – First Island

The greatest discovery of the year FT Island is holding their first concert. Ever since their debut this summer, they have demonstrated mature and superb musical talents, surprising for a group of boys whose average age is only 17.5. Through their first live concert, they are determined to prove once and for all that they are more than just pretty faces. This Daegu concert is just the beginning of FT Island’s tour of eight cities in Korea. They also have an exclusive concert planned in Japan. Such a grand concert schedule may be a bit overwhelming for a group that just debuted six months ago, but their agents are confident that fans will be treated to the best performance of the year, because FT Island has been groomed from the very beginning to be a live performance group. The concert title “First Island” implies that FT Island members and their fans will meet and become one island, as well as that it’s their first concert. The concert will be filled with live music and hidden talents of the group members.

Date : Dec. 15, 2007
Place : Daegu EXCO, Daegu

Source: KBS World


3 thoughts on “FT Island concert

  1. I like the entire album (it is one of those “entire album is good and listenable”). My favorite though is “meeting” (ma-jung (마중)) , because I’m like that.

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