L movie trailer

They are using “L change the World” as the final title, I guess. The movie looks interesting, after watching the trailer. This movie is about L before the events in Death Note, but hmmm, is that Death Note (as in the notebook) at the end of the trailer?

Anyway, when you go to the official site, it has 4 links (after you have skip/load the splash page 🙂 ), click on the first link on your left to watch the trailer. The 2nd link is news, 3rd is the characters’ details and last one is the production notes.

If you look at the characters’ section, you will notice that L is the middle (lol, he IS the lead) and he is flanked by 2 young kids. When I watched the trailer, it doesn’t show the Boy and I think  the main plot is about the Boy and the Girl. The Girl looks very familiar to me, I’ve seen her before but can’t recall in which drama/movie ????

Link to official site


3 thoughts on “L movie trailer

  1. ooh thank you, peacemaker, for telling me… I havent watch Byakuyakou – personally, I think that drama is too depressing for me to watch 🙂 so I kinda deferred on buying the VCDs.

  2. The Boy is seen in the trailer. Where L is crouching down and holds out a piece of candy.

    Though that could be a newer trailer. Don’t know. As for the Death Note…I saw Misa and Ryuk there in the trailer aswell. Got me very confused. Not long to wait though.

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