“L” actor will be in another live-action movie

I meant Matsuyama Kenichi πŸ™‚ … he’s going to be a death metal star next!

I wonder how he would look like, since I’m used to seeing him as “L”…I have yet to watch NANA…

Since the movie will only be released next year’s summer, I will definitely be keeping a tab on it πŸ™‚

Read the news here


5 thoughts on ““L” actor will be in another live-action movie

  1. Have you ever watched 1 Litre of Tears before? Matsuyama Kenichi is in it for the first couple of episodes, but he plays a really small role. It is so strange to see how he looks like in person since I like his “L” image. I read it from some website that he enjoys playing the roles of strange characters. I am not really into the Japanese entertainment industry, I am expecting that he will be playing a strange character in Death Metal Star.

  2. WOW, really?! I dont recall he was there in the drama, I have the drama VCD… O_O maybe I need to re-watch the drama. Yeah, I dont really recognise him outside of his L character. I have yet to watch Nana, as I have said before, so I can comment on his image for that movie.

    Thanks for the info.

  3. yes, I think that’s him though I can’t confirm. I have yet to watch…

    As for 1-littoru no namida, I finally recalled who he is in the drama! He’s the senpai who dumped the lead actress (if Im not mistaken!).

  4. Check out “Sexy Voice and Robo” which is another drama series from 2007 where he plays an immature otaku who teams up (or runs into most of the time) this junior high girl who can change her voice and pinpoint other people by their voices.

    It’s a different kind of drama, but enjoyable. I think it really demonstrates Matsuyama-san’s acting abilities, which are incredible in this series (as well as Death Note/ etc).

    Check it out on veoh or mysoju.com.


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