[MV] Wheesung – Even If You Get Hurt

WOW! I am waiting for his MV but it’s surprised me that his company decided to use Lust, Caution movie scenes for the MV. I thought the MV would be an original MV. Even though, Wheesung had MVs featuring movie scenes, this MV is the first MV that features a non-korean movie!

Whoever did the editing of this MV is doing a great job coz after watching this vid, I just realised how sad the character that Tang Wei played and how scary the character that Tony Leung played – LOL, in the context of the MV…

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Warning: MV contains spoilers for the film


Download MV – 29 MB
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8 thoughts on “[MV] Wheesung – Even If You Get Hurt

  1. havent’ seen Lust, Caution yet but dun really mind about the spoilers. mmm … i’ve seen a Korean MV featuring scenes from a non-Korean movie, to be specifically the scenes from Inudo Isshin’s Across the Golden Prairie. but i can’t remember the (Korean) song and who sings it.

    thanks for sharing the MV.

  2. Eve, you meant by Lee Hom? 😛

    Steve, yeah, me too… even though I know zilch about editing, I somehow liked the way the scenes are being edited and it kinda fits the song, in some way 🙂

    inoyume, there are lots of korean song taking scenes from non-korean movie… i know I downloaded a few before…eg Lee Ki Chan’s I Tell Myself has scenes from The Illusionist. Then there’s the 3 MVs for Heavenly Forest, 1 MV (forgotten the singer) for Watanabe Ken’s movie about the Alzheimer Disease…

  3. hey, thank you very much for the music video. it’s always good to hear some wheesung and have visiuals too. this web is great, always reading it. thanks again..

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