Shinhwa re-uniting soon

Good news for Shinhwa fans? A concert, single and album! Oh yes, plus that DVD, too ^^

Ah…just want to ask, is Que Sera Sera officially available in M’sia? Coz I saw one DVD but it doesn’t look ehm “original” so I didn’t buy it. Same with “Flowers of My Life”…

Shinhwa to reunite next month

By Cathy Rose A. Garcia
Staff Reporter

K-pop’s longest running male group Shinhwa will reunite in December, with a new single and concerts in Japan and China. Fans are eagerly awaiting the group’s comeback, especially since it will celebrate its 10th anniversary in March.

According to their management agency, Shinhwa’s new single “Winter Story 2007” will be released on Dec. 6. This is their first single since they released “Winter Story 2006-2007” last January.

The six-member group will hold a concert in Nagoya, Japan also on Dec. 6, to be followed by two concerts on Dec.8 and 9 at Saitama Super Arena in Tokyo. Shinhwa will travel to Shanghai, China for another concert on Dec. 15. .

Shinhwa will resume their group activities starting December, and prepare for their upcoming ninth album. 

The group’s six members have been concentrating on solo projects since their last concert in Seoul in May 2006. Kim Dong-wan, Lee Min-woo and Shin Hye-sung have all released solo albums last summer, while Jun Jin released a single earlier this year. Andy appeared in a stage musical “Music in My Heart,” while Eric had earlier filmed a drama “Que Sera Sera.”

Shinhwa recently released a DVD compilation of their music videos from 2003 to 2007, plus behind-the-scenes footage. It includes their videos of their hit songs “Brand New,” “Angel” and “Once in a Lifetime,” as well as solo music videos from Lee, Shin and Jun Jin.

Meanwhile, Shin marked the end of his solo activities, with a concert attended by 5,000 fans at the Korea University Hwajeong Stadium, Sunday evening.

Shin opened the show with “Island” from his second album “The Beginning, New Days.”
Known as a ballad singer, he did not disappoint his fans with performances of “First One,” “Same Thoughts” and an a cappella version of “It’s So Hard to Say.”

Fellow Shinhwa member Lee, also known as M, appeared to perform two songs with Shin. They had earlier collaborated on the song “Ocean Blue,” a theme song for the drama “Let’s Go to the Beach.” Lee nearly stole the show, when he performed his single “M Style,” which had the crowd on their feet.

To the delight of his fans, Shin gamely danced with Wonder Girls when they performed their hit song “Tell Me.” He also showed he can do rock music, when he sang Psy’s “Champion.”

Source: Korea Times


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