SG pictorial album – end of Nov?!

O_O gosh, they are going to release new stuff at the end of this month!!!! And looked at those pics….it’s a must buy already for me!!!

I have to remind myself to check YesAsia if they have pre-orders already :/ I think this is Vol 4.5 since only 3 new songs ~~~

Oh, I didn’t translate the name of the musical that Dong-Ha will be starring in coz don’t really know the proper English name for that musical.

SG Wannabe will release their new album at the end of November and they went to New York for their album pictures.

The new album will be titled “Story in New York”. They flew to NY after their Vol 4 promotions end. In US, they attended some concerts, Broadway musicals and exhibitions. At the same time, they were also producing their new album.

The new album will contains 3 new songs and other versions of some existing old songs.  They tried Jazz and R&B for this new album. They filmed their pictorial in NY and also recorded some experiences that they had since their debut.

The ballad song from their new album is suitable for an autumn concert. Currently, SG is in post-production works and Chae Dong-Ha will be starring in a musical soon.

Source: SINA / starnews
English translation summary by fangorn @
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits and no hotlinking o pictures


6 thoughts on “SG pictorial album – end of Nov?!

  1. if this album were to release this year, then there are 3 albums for SG Wannabe for year 2007, of course, as their fans this is also a must buy album.

    Always support you SG wannabe.

    From Malaysia.

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