Ha Suk Jin will guest-starred in SeeYa’s Shoes II MV

WOW! SeeYa coming out with Shoes II…now, who’s in Shoes I MV? err…I think I have forgotten the MV! O_O

Anyway, will be looking forward to it.

As for HSJ, he’s appeared in lots of MV before like SG’s Stay, M to M, Monday Kiz, etc.

Ha Suk Jin

SeeYa will unveil their new MV, Shoes II, in their nationwide tour. They will start their tour from 23th to 25th November in Seoul, then later will go to Busan, Daegu, etc.

Shoes I, from their debut album, had received good reviews from the audience. Shoes II will be the sequel song to Shoes I. SeeYa members will be in it, as well as Ha Suk Jin, who will be appearing as a guest.

SeeYa will be performing in Daegu on the 8th December and Busan on the 15th December.

Source: TOM.com
English translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits and no hotlinking of pics


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