Is this how Jet Li looks like in The Mummy 3?

O_O …the pic:

and our very own Datuk Michelle Yeoh:

Interview with Rob Cohen, the director

Ninety percent of the crew in “The Mummy 3” are Chinese, Rob Cohen, director of the movie said at a press release in Shanghai on Thursday.

This is the first time that his cast is meeting the media since they started shooting in July. Leading roles including Chinese action star Jet Li, Michelle Yeoh and Australian actor Luke Ford are all present at the meeting.

A friend of Jet Li, Rob Cohen, applauded Li’s devotion in acting and said Chinese actors are becoming more and more international.

“We have a total of 2,200 people working here and only 180 are non-Chinese. All my Chinese staff has high professional ethics,” Rob Cohen told reporters.

“I have done a lot of background information study on China and I think it is a great country,” he noted.

With part of its settings in Xian in northwest China’s Shaanxi province, “The Mummy 3” has draw great public attention as it not only involves renowned Chinese actors but also the Chinese culture.

Source: CRIEnglish / Pics:

Additional pics (click for slightly larger version)

Isabella Leung:

Luke Ford:

Another Michelle Yeoh pic:

Source: SINA

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One thought on “Is this how Jet Li looks like in The Mummy 3?

  1. Super LOL at the title of this post XDDD…
    And I went to see this movie in theaters…It was a bad movie XDD, Jet Li was the bad guy and had some hilarous parts pertaining to Li’s character >_<

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