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LOL, another article from Arirang πŸ™‚ VOS comprised of 3 guys and they are like Soulstar O_O – singing R&B/Soul/Ballad type of songs. I remembered back in their debut album when they released it and they have one very popular song…then they kinda disappeared!!! IMO, they are under-rated in Korea …

Out of the 3 members, I only managed to recognise Hyun Joon coz he’s the easiest to remember πŸ˜› as he wears specs… He’s also in a special single project with Monday Kiz’s member, Lee Jin Sung (I posted the MV and single tracklist aeons ago).

V.O.S (Voice of Soul)

Smooth like the foam dripped into a cup of cappuccino… Sweet as chocolate…
They’re the guys who have voices that can move your soul.

Today’s SUPER ROOKIE introduces you to the three member group, V.O.S! Let’s go meet them.

On the premiere of the movie, “the Black Dahlia”, there was a special event planned for movie-goers. “V.O.S”
It was a surprise meeting set up for V.O.S and their fans!
The crowd cheered loudly for the group, and we saw how many fans had gathered for them. A sign of their increasingly popularity.

Not long ago, they released a special single album and the title track, “Everyday”, had brought them to the top of their game!
They had worked hard on the music, but even harder on their “Everyday” music video.

V.O.S made their music debut in 2004. The group’s made up of members Choi Hyun-joon, Park Ji-hun, and Kim Kyung-rok, all of whom had gone to the same school.
They had spent a lot of time together much before their actual debut and the result was an extraordinary bond, as well as exceptional teamwork.

Even after releasing two albums, V.O.S was still unrecognized by a majority of the public.
The members were faced with the fact that they JUST might not be destined for stardom… but their solid vocals and sincere talent slowly put them on the map.

V.O.S. “Voice of Soul.” They named themselves fittingly, as their voices WERE enough to move the soul. When V.O.S got on-stage, they showed their true talent and untethered passion. Still, they were only human and found it hard to adjust to certain elements.

Hand-in-hand with increasing popularity comes the increasing number of fans.
The greatest charm about the members were their easy-going and VERY likeable personalities. That helped them secure a spot in the hearts of fans ranging widely in age.

This group fought for the rise to the top. They rode a convertible across the country and surprised audiences with impromptu performances, otherwise known as “Guerilla Concerts.”
No concert was thought to be too big or too small for them – they performed at ’em all. But NOW, the requests for the group come pouring in and finally, V.O.S is strong enough to hold a solo performance. They have a concert set for early December! So what would be the IDEAL concert for them?

They’ve had more than their share of hard times, but their talent and musical prowess was solid enough to help them garner a place at the top.
V.O.S – the members who use their voice alone to move the souls of their listeners. And we hope they never stop.

Source: Arirang TV


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