Arirang on Virgin Snow

An article that I found from Arirang 🙂 The plot is detailed in this article. Of all the articles that I have covered, I just realised that I never actually find out what’s the plot for this movie except that it is about first love between a Japanese and a Korean! O_O

So, enjoy reading the article…

“Virgin Snow” Rekindles the Memories of First Love

A beautiful, heartwarming love story that reminds us of our first love!

Today’s CINEMA SPOTLIGHT introduces you to “Virgin Snow,” a film that will make your heart flutter as if you just saw snow for the first time in your life.

Korean college student Kim Min moves to Kyoto with his father, a renowned professor of ceramics.
However, this rebellious young boy hates his father for dragging him all the way to this foreign country where he has to eat meals without a spoon.

One day at a local shrine, he encounters Nanae, a beautiful Japanese girl with a mysterious aura. Min falls in love with her at the first sight.

Min does not understand, nor can speak, a single word of Japanese.
However, he gets a chance to become Nanae’s friend by accidently damaging her art bag.

Despite the cultural and language barriers, the two are drawn to each other.
Meanwhile, Min starts to show interest in learning ceramics, which he despised, in order to make pottery for his new girl friend, Nanae.

Unlike Min, who is clumsy and often hot-tempered, Nanae is composed and has the ability to embrace everything with an open heart.

The young couple slowly begins to resemble one another and learns each other’s language.

Will they be able to overcome all obstacles and forge a beautiful international relationship?

Returning to the story, Min and Nanae promise to meet at a local festival on the 100th day of their dating.

Min gives a pig ceramics doll which he made by himself to Nanae in excitement.

However, she looks somewhat sad that day. Something must be disturbing her.

On the following day, Min realizes that Nana has suddenly disappeared without a word.
She cannot be found in her school nor her house.

After a long desperate search for Nanae, the heartbroken Min returns to Korea,
Will Nanae be able to keep her promise that she will come to Seoul and stroll under winter’s first snowfall with Min?

The beautiful cinematography and the refreshing love story of a Korean boy and a Japanese girl will fill the silver screen with the memories of your “first love”
Why don’t you indulge yourselves in the sweet love story, “Virgin Snow.”

Source: Arirang TV


5 thoughts on “Arirang on Virgin Snow

  1. intresting story. i hope he going to find his loves.
    but i thought in real life that boy is dead becoz he is trying to save someonelife in the subway .. (??)

  2. eh, Milia, are you talking about another movie??? I dont think this is the movie la… I know about that movie about this Korean boy who died saving someone life in train/subway

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