Ikuta Toma to be in Honey and Clover drama

ahhhhhhh very good news indeed! Finally, Toma-chan is garnering popularity – he’s one of the under-rated Johnny’s artist, IMO. I think he will be playing Takemoto. I have no idea how Narumi Riko looks like though O_O . In the anime/manga, Hagumi/Hagu looks like a 12-years old kid. Hmm…I have no news on who will be playing Morita.

On a side note, I wonder “if his wife” (Toma-chan la), I meant his hubby O_O,  will be happy about the news. **tsk**tsk**


Fuji TV is making a drama version of the popular girl’s manga “Hachimitsu to Kurobaa” (Honey and Clover). Already adapted as a hit anime and movie and known by the nickname “hachikuro”, the series will air on Tuesday nights from January 8. The beautiful 15-year-old Narumi Riko has been selected to play the lead role of an art college freshman, while her love interest will be played by Johnny’s Jr. member Ikuta Toma (23).

Source: Japan-Zone.com


11 thoughts on “Ikuta Toma to be in Honey and Clover drama

  1. mm! i’m so excited!
    the movie hachimitsu to clover was great too, but i can’t really imagine toma being the ‘athletic-guy-in-art-school’ type… i’m interested to see how it comes out! 🙂

    btw, love all your posts!

  2. LOL, no I dont think Toma is gay. I’m referring to his best friend, Yamashita Tomohisa (fans call him YamaPi, Toma called him Pi). They are very close, kindred spirits since young. They are commonly referred to by fans as TomaPi and fans usually nicknamed Toma as the wife and YamaPi as the husband ^^. YamaPi also has a “mistress” which is Nishikado Ryo LOL. Oh, they were fellow Four Tops members (TomaPi). Their other “family members”, if I remembered correctly, are Takizawa Hideaki as the “grandfather”, Imai Tsubasa as the “grandmother”…I don’t remember who’s the father & mother are… 😛

  3. LOL hahahahah TOMAPI!!! KYAAAAAA!! Actually i believe takki waz known as pi-chan’s Outou san. Which would make tsubabsa his okaa san. lolzzzzz What’s Honey and clover about anyways? I hear pi-chan and toma aren’t so tight anymore though. THEY DID THE SAME THING WITH YA-ya-yah! The way they split up 4 tops to make newS. They just split up ya-ya-yah like 4 days ago to make “HEysayJUMP!”. Like Toma from 4 tops, Yamashita shoon from ya-ya-yah waz left behind while his other group members moved on to join a seperate group.

  4. a little bit excited…but i’m kind of jealous i only want him for maki horikita…from hana kimi!!!

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