Park Chan Wook’s next

I’m not actually a follower of his movies – havent even watch any of his films (yeah, I know I should :/ ) but I do know some of the readers here who are. I was reading news on Variety today when I came upon this piece of news about his next movie. So a little bit of K-movie news update from me on one of Korea’s top directors ^^ . I’ve also included the link to Donga Ilbo interview, which he did reveal a little tiny bit on his next movie (that vampire one).

Variety on the pre-sell of his upcoming vampire movie

Donga Ilbo interview


3 thoughts on “Park Chan Wook’s next

  1. mmm … a horror movie … that’s the first from him. according the info at imdb, Song Kang Ho is in it!! this means, it’s a must see. i love all of Park Chan Wook’s movies ( that i’ve seen) except for I’m A Cyborg. it’s the only movie of his that i didn’t thoroughly enjoy and that, i believe, mainly due to the fact that i dun like Bi and couldn’t stand him. my most favourite is Joint Security Area.

  2. Gosh, Im planning to watch Cyborg coz it has Im Soo Jung in it … now, after what you said..kinda make me dont want to watch it 😛 (joking la)

    I dont know that he directed JSA! O_O BTW, do you know who will be in this Vampire movie?

  3. I think Park Chan Wook should make a movie about little Red Riding hood carrying a basket of guns as she makes her way to grandma’s house….hunting werewolves.

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