[PV] Suga Shikao – Gogo no PARADE

I only have 2 PVs of Suga Shikao: Gogo no PARADE (Afternoon Parade) and Shunkashuutou (The Four Seasons). The latter is a slow song therefore I decided to upload the former instead. I accidentally discovered his songs actually via Shunkashuutou PV. I thought it was a good song after I have listened to it and wanted to find out more. Then I managed to get the files for his All Best Singles and WOW! a revelation for me. Afterwards, I found out that he wrote Yozora no Mukou, that SMAP song!

This song has an upbeat tempo and even though it is the usual genre that I normally listen to but everytime I want something to cheer me up, I will listen to this song. It has my feet moving along with the song 🙂 .

Nothing much to say about the PV as Japanese PV don’t usually have story-line plot like the Korean ones. But he appeared in this PV so you can find out what he looks like. When it comes to music, I am not really concern about looks as I think their voices are a more deciding factor for me.

BTW, I’m looking for his other PVs. If you happen to have it, please share ^^, onegaishimasu.

Oh, you may wonder who is Suga Shikao…eh…you may find out more about him in the wiki link here. I found out that not a lot of people heard of him :/ but if you are an anime fan, you may heard of him. Or if you have watched Death Note 1 (the movie), the movie featured one of his songs, “Manatsu no Yoru no Yume” (Midsummer’s Night Dream). The song was played as Raito was walking in the art gallery with his girlfriend 🙂

Some caps that I have from the PV and if you download, please let me know what you think of this song/PV ^^.

Click here for the romanized and original Japanese lyrics. Sorry, can’t find the translated lyrics.
Download PV – 95.87 MB
Please do not post file link elsewhere


6 thoughts on “[PV] Suga Shikao – Gogo no PARADE

  1. mmm .. never heard of him but Yozora no Mukou is one of my favourites songs by SMAP (which is not that many) and i like the PV too. u got MP3s of any of this guy’s songs dear?

  2. yeah I have, will email you the songs later…^^ glad that you like the song.

    I just found out that he has another version of this PV – released for his LIVE album.

  3. ne .. have u ever listened to Kobukuro? if u haven’t, would u like to try them out? they are really good but unfortunately, i hardly find anything on them on the net.

  4. ^ I havent actually finish giving you the files…still have Disc 2..because you didn’t reply or give me indications that you have downloaded the Disc 1 files that I decided to wait first 🙂 ..so look forward to Disc 2 files, which has Yozora no Mukou

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