Virgin Snow opening in S.Korea

Sigh! How I wish I can watch this movie. This movie totally fits the kind of movie that I want to watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon šŸ™‚ . Furthermore, I like Miyazaki Aoi a lot more now after watching her in Heavenly Forest. Will be waiting for the DVD to arrive in M’sia…so in the meantime, have to satisfy with some movie stills :/

Oh, I mentioned this movie before when it first released in Japan…Now it has opened in Korea.

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7 thoughts on “Virgin Snow opening in S.Korea

  1. Will definitely get a copy, hope the subs are okay. I just bought Hwangjiny, the copy was great very clear but the subtitles are atrocious. I’m going to return it in hopes that better subs are on the way.

  2. yes … with two of my favourite young actors in it, i can’t wait for this movie to be available on dvd (with english sub)!!


    what do u think of Hwang Jin Yi? do u like it? personally, i find it quite boring … Song Hye Gyo, despite of her pretty face elicits nothing from me but yawns. watching Ha Ji Won as Hwang Jin Yi is much more pleasurable. and it’s a pity that i find the recent movies acted by Yoo Ji Tae are just average.

  3. I went to the CD store yesterday and found out that HwangJiny (both movie and drama) is available. However, Im not a fan of both so didnt buy it. Not really interested in the story too šŸ˜›

  4. lee junki is one of the most fantastic young actor of our generation. if u have seen his other movies like the king and the clown, ud be mesmerized by his acting skills, so as in the series iljimae.

    this movie is very sweet. it leaves an impression after i watched it, that, “LOVE is expressive in silence… unfathomable in every way. ” It didnt matter if they had a language barrier. Their hearts speak the language of love. the beliefs they have been mentioning in the movie was quite interesting, too! in mangas, u can read them, too ^_^ . the direction is beautiful, from the kyoto roads, temples, people, market, to korea’s busy street, first fall of snow, and the rocky houses. plus junki is quite handsome *giggles* and his acting skills is superb, he carried well his character, and for me, he is the best young actor in asia!

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