Shinhwa 10th Anni to release MV collection DVD

oooooh O_O this sounds tempting (for me to buy!) coz I like to collect MV. Even though I do have some of their MVs and I don’t actually listen to their songs 😛

But this cover of this DVD is nice – the pic actually tells you how close they are – by reading their facial expressions – their laughs are very genuine and not “forced”.

Shinhwa will release an MV collection, “Shinhwa in 2003-2007 Music Video Collection”, to celebrate their 10th anniversary on the 2nd of November. Some of the MVs to be included are Young Gunz (2003), Shin Hye Sung’s First Love MV, etc. This DVD will have 2 discs: disc 1 will contains Brand New, Angel, Once in a Lifetime and other Shinhwa classics. Disc 1 will also have each solo member’s MV like M’s Girlfriend, Shin Hye Sung’s First Person, JunJin’s Love Doesn’t Come. Disc 2 will contains the Behind the scenes of the MVs.

Shinhwa will release a new single “Winter Story 2007” on 6th December and will hold a concert in Nagoya, Japan. On the 8th and 9th Dec, they will go to Tokyo and Saitama, 15th will proceed to Shanghai, China for their concert stops.

Sources: Innolife Japanese news / SINA chinese news
English translation by fangorn @
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7 thoughts on “Shinhwa 10th Anni to release MV collection DVD

  1. I just started reading your posts today. Your posts are a lot nicer than Popsoeul, though you are a bit biased too but in a nicer way.

  2. he he .. i definitely am going to get this dvd!! they may not be the best singers out there but i LOVE them!! got all their albums and live concerts so far.

  3. definitely buying this. i still am struggling to buy the special editions of wan, minu and sungie’s solo albums this year but THIS gotta buy. those christmas money sure are gonna be useful. 🙂

    about your comment on their smiles.

    shinhwa’s friendship isn’t forced, you’re right. unlike in the newer bands where they are “forced” to act really close even though they are just “everyday friends”. shinhwa has already set a standard of “closeness” among the newer groups.

  4. agree with emily. your posts are definitely more polite eventhough you have your own perspective. keep up the good work. I’ll definitely continue reading this site.

  5. Beautiful Shinhwa…
    I love yours and popseoul’s blog too..(because i go to her whenever i get ‘k addiction’..she’ll sure cure me)..yeah, youre nicer ^_^ Ganbatte!! Hwaiting!! Chayo!!

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