“The Legend” to be in Japanese theatres for 6 months

Yep, a drama to be shown in theatres – this is the first time I heard about it. Furthermore, it will be shown for 6 months O_O … I guess Yonsama is still really really really popular in Japan. I think this phenomenon will only happen in Japan, sometimes I would like to call it, the land of the “weird” πŸ˜›

The MBC drama series “The Legend” will be featured on screen for 6 months in theatres in Japan.

The drama production company said on the 29th, “The theatre premiere of ‘The Legend’ has been finalized. SSD which is in charge of investment, distribution, and others of the series will hold a press conference on the 30th in Tokyo with T-Joy, a Toei company with a national theatre network in Japan, announcing the premier schedule of ‘The Legend.'”

The 24 episode drama series will open in theatres in Japan, edited into 12, 2 hour episodes. Each episode will be viewable in theatres for 2 weeks each over a period of 6 months. Details on schedules and how many times they will be showed are still in discussion.

A drama series being released on the big screen after airing is a rarity not only for Korea, but also all countries throughout Asia. 5.1 channel digital sound, HD filming, and high CG quality are said to have contributed to this accomplishment.

“The Legend” will start airing in NHK BS-H1 on December 3rd, and at the end of 2008 on the regular NHK network. A manga series, DVD, making book, mobile novel, and others will also be released.

“The Legend” which draws the story of King Kwanggaeto starring Bae Yong Joon, produced by Kim Jong Hak and scripted by Song Ji Na.

Source: BroAsia.com


5 thoughts on ““The Legend” to be in Japanese theatres for 6 months

  1. i tried watching this drama because of Moon So Ri cos she’s such a great actress but after few episodes, i lost interest. dun understand either of this fascination with Bae Young Joon cos i think there a lot more Korean actors who more deserving of such recognition ‘talent-wise’ and even ‘look-wise’.

  2. LOL, I don’t really like those period drama – I found them to have too many ep and too slow moving… maybe i havent found one drama that will hold my attention long enough yet. Have any of you watched Jumong? I heard it was good.

    Oh, I think, IMO, BYJ is tad bit over-rated nowadays.

  3. I have watched the series. It is truely fantastic and inspiring. The series, unlike most Taiwanese/chinese series, is set at a good pace. With crisis and events appearing in one episode, almost immediately explained and resolved in the next…very much like Dae Jung Guem. I think it is more than just BYJ. It is the entire set, the music score and the excellent story telling that weaved legend into history. I find it most entertaining. I hope to see an episode that tells how the music was created.

  4. I have watched this and found it to be captivating. It’s very different than other historic period drama, it’s almost a fusion of american/fantasy/real history all blend into one. BYJ, is a pretty actor, very clean looking and has a charm that strikes older women; nothing wrong with that. There are tons of good looking, good young actors – but at the same time, they are young! I enjoyed this drama lot, except the only drawback was, so unfortunate that people have waited so long for another BYJ movie and so costly – with the most horrendous english translation, that was poorly done!
    Jumong was top-rated, I don’t think there is going to be much of the period drama that will beat Jumong!! Great actor and actoress.

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