“Maria” will have a Japanese cover

Remember that very infectious song, Maria, sung by Kim Ah Joong in 200 Pounds Beauty? There will be a Japanese version of Maria šŸ™‚ This is for the Japanese release of the movie.

The singer chosen is Rinka, I don’t really listen to a lot of Japanese female singers so I don’t really know who she is. I have included her official site and the wiki site if you are interested. Hmm, she doesn’t looked Japanese. Is she mixed?

Talento Rinka (34) is reaching out to all those Japanese women with a broken heart. She was chosen to record a cover of Blondie’s 1999 song “Maria” as the theme tune for the Japan release of Korean movie “200 Pounds Beauty”. The movie is based on a Japanese manga by Suzuki Yumiko, “Kanna-san Daiseikou Desu!” Producers say they chose Rinka because of her popularity among young Japanese women and her “dramatic life”. The recently revealed breakup with her boyfriend of six years no doubt influenced Rinka as she wrote her own Japanese lyrics for the song. Blondie keyboard player Jimmy Destry also took part in the project. “Maria” goes on sale December 12 and the movie opens in Japanese theaters on December 15.

Source: Japan-Zone.com

Rinka’s official site

Rinka’s wiki site


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