About Wheesung’s next promotional song

Eh, I obtained this news from the Japanese online newspaper. This is my 2nd attempt at trying to make sense of a Japanese article 🙂 – so far, it is easier on the 2nd time. First time was like O_O so many words. I still have that feeling for this 2nd time but I am less scared/taunted by it. I still took more time to complete this compared to translating from Chinese articles. For example, usually for article with this length in Chinese, I will usually take about 15 minutes but for the Japanese ones, I have taken 1 hour O_O . Of course, the timeframe also depends on the complexity of the articles.

Oops, sorry for all those unnecessary explanations -___-. Please note that I regard this translation summary as my overall understanding of what the article said but not the actual grammatical correct of Japanese to English. As always, I have included the Japanese article.

After the successful image change by using the rhythmical tune “Love Is Delicious”, Wheesung is now roceeding to promote his following title song by releasing the “Wheesung-mark” ballad, “Even If You Get Hurts”.

This song, YangPa’s “Love, What Is That?”, Ivy’s “If it’s Like This” were all composed by composers Park Geun Tae and Kang Eun Kyeong…. They all bears the mark of the conventional melody with sad lyric. By combining the melody and lyrics with Wheesung’s deep and powerful voice, the song holds the audience heartstrings.

Besides that, Wheesung said, “All the songs in this album have been receiving good evaluations, it’s very hard to choose the follow-up song (to the first title song)”. He added that he needs to make it clear that the important point in the selection preparation is popularity. *1

*1 – That last statement – 「大衆性に重点を置いて選んだ」と明らかにした。- I actually havent learn/come across this grammar format yet, therefore I tried to decipher the meaning by parts. “大衆性に重点を置いて選んだ” I’m guessing means the important point of the selection preparation is popularity. That is easier than deciphering the second part because “明らかにした” means to make clear or make public of something… which had me confused… ?

The original Japanese article:




Source: Innolife / Joynews / inews
English summary translation by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits


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