Lexy, YG no more

oooh she left YG. Ehm, I havent been updated with YG Artists lately so I don’t know who’s still in (besides the usual like se7en, Big Bang 😛 ) and who’s out. Seems like a lot of people have left YG for other companies ><
Even though the company’s name is not mentioned in this news article, I’m guessing it is Sony…no?

Lexy signed with a new company recently. Her new company said, “Ever since her contract ended with her former company, there’s a lot of companies trying to sign her. After given much thoughts, she finally signed with us and will focus on the China, Japanese and many Asian and International countries’ markets.”

Lexy’s new company had produced albums for Beyonce, Michael Jackson, etc. She is label mates with Korea ‘s God of Rock Kim Kyung Ho, Illumina.

Lexy aspires to become a musician therefore has been meeting many international and local famous songwriters and musicians. She’s also learning some new dances.

Source: SINA.cn / starnews
English translation summary by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits


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