Korean Film Festival in GSC Klang Valley – 25th to 29th Oct

The 1st in GSC ..hmm…rather in M’sia although they should show more recent movies :/ All the movies are quite …ehm… old 😦 .

List of movies and showtimes are listed here (1 Utama) and here (Mid Valley).

I don’t know if I have the time to watch them or not. It’s quite far from my place 😦 maybe…


8 thoughts on “Korean Film Festival in GSC Klang Valley – 25th to 29th Oct

  1. yeap …. these movies are reaaaaally old BUT … IMHO they are all GREAT except for Just Do It which is a so so comedy and My Heart (which i haven’t seen yet .. is this the movie Maeumi??). some of these movies (dvd or vcd) are not available anymore online like Art Muzeum by the Zoo and A Day (both acted by Lee Sung Jae). so, i guess for those who are looking for great Korean movies (even if they are old ones), now is a good chance to catch them on the big screen.

    thanks for the info dear … i hope GSC would pick more recent movies to show the next time (there’s a hell lot of them!!). mmm … will the Japanese Film Fest be around the corner??

  2. no. it’s different from Maeumi (translate as Heart Is feat two talented kids. If u are referring to this)

    ony 3 movise caught my eyes. Join Security Area which is superb. I watched it many times. Ditto because of Kim Ha Neul and Last present.

  3. thanks for clarifying that Erenah. i googled and found out a bit about the movie My Heart (also titled Affection (Jeong)). i’m itching to watch the movie after reading the storyline and the good reviews on it. the only movie that i’ve watched from the same director is The Last Witness (which is quite good).

  4. hey will both of you going? if yes, when? Im thinking of watching JSA on Sat 4.30pm MidValley. I think that’s the only time i have 😦

    My Heart…hmm… maybe lol rush to 1 Utama to catch the 7.15 show ??? 😛 BTW, how to go to 1 Utama by public transport O_O

  5. heheh. change my name again ..

    anyway you can take bus from Kelana Jaya PUTRA stations.
    I believe One Utama and Ikano is near am I right.

    cross the other side road. wait for yellow bus write as Ikano. I think that bus go to One Utama, Ikano, The Curve. Coz it’s one way.

    p/s bfr that please ask the driver first if he going there. coz usually i took taxi from Kelana Jaya (about rm5) coz they have timing. if u miss that, u have to wait like 30mins to 1hr (i’m not sure too.

    too bad i cannot join u. i have wedding to attend. enjoy the movie.

  6. uh…I dont know if I can go tomorrow…me getting lazy and 😦 i have tons of work to finish before monday …boss is chasing me to complete those works O_O

    a big *if* for me …

  7. unfortunately, the showtime for the one that i want to see (My Heart) is not convenient for me. i hope there’ll be a dvd / vcd coming out here later for this particular movie.

  8. lol, didn’t go..went shopping instead muahaha…i need to let out some stress (shopping is a good, but not recommended, way 😛 )

    however, I do remember my bro did buy JSA dvd…if only he remembers where he put it :/

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