[MV] Kuwata Keisuke – Ashita Hareru Kana

This is the theme song to YamaPi’s drama, Proposal Daisakusen. I like the theme song but can’t say about the drama – it’s boring -__-

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I can’t find the translated lyrics of this song so I don’t really know what’s the song about. But I do know what the title means…Will It Be Sunny Tomorrow. What I really like about the MV/PV is that the opening and ending. It has images of a little girl playing on the roadside that was marked with image of the piano. She’s actually dancing to the melody of the song šŸ™‚ .

About the singer – he’s the leader of Southern All Stars, old band but very popular in Japan.

Some MV caps:

Appreciate it if you let me know what do you think of the song šŸ™‚

Download MV – 95 MB
Please do not post this file link elsewhere


5 thoughts on “[MV] Kuwata Keisuke – Ashita Hareru Kana

  1. I didn’t recognize the artist (nor the mention of his previous affiliation with Southern All Stars), so I looked the song/(Single) up at wiki.theppn while I’m waiting for this MV to download and saw it had sold over 350,000 copies. That’s certainly impressive enough to make me want to listen/view the MV. ^_^


    Okay, just watched and listened…it took me about a minute or two to get into his voice, but if I avoided watching the parts of the song where he was wearing that gawd awful shirt with the yellow puke splotches, I began to appreciate his vocal talents. The MV itself is decent, so I enjoyed that.

  2. thanks for your kindness to publish the link, but somehow the link now is bad (file not available). Could you please upload the file again.
    I really like the song and i want the MV version..

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