[MV] Happy Chair – A Good Deed

This MV tells what the song meant. Ehm, this MV is not the story-MV type that K-music used to have 🙂 . For those who likes ballad, this is a recommended song.

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Nothing much actually happens in this MV…well, you have the couple who broke up, presumably, not long ago (?). They each dealt with the break-up in different way. Then well, watch the MV 😛

Some caps…

After watching this MV, I wonder why did they break-up? Coz from their faces’ reactions, it looked like they still loved each other, no?

If you do download this MV, please let me know what do you think of the song/MV. Appreciate your feedback.

Download MV – 45 MB
Please do not post this file link elsewhere

3 thoughts on “[MV] Happy Chair – A Good Deed

  1. It is a nice song. I’ll have to check out the Single by Happy Chair now…I like their music style. ^_^

    The MV reminds me of a couple relationship breakups I’ve had throughout the years, so I can relate to it easily too.

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