Jun Ki at the 27th Hawaiian Intl. Film Festival

He was there to accept the Rising Star award and he’s there also for his film, “May 18”, which is nominated for Golden Orchid (I guess like a Best Film type of award?).

FYI, I didn’t translate the whole article…ehm, I just chose the part that has LJK. I also included the video link of this press con. I haven’t the time to watch the vid, though.

The location was at a hotel in Hawaii. Occasion was the 27th Hawaiin International Film Festival opening press conference. Lee Jun Ki donned a rock star’s hairstyle – there’s earring in his ear, he looked really cool.

** skip paragraph that talked about Jeff Chung and Joan Chen **

Jun Ki looks like he has the potential to become the next Kaneshiro Takeshi. Kaneshiro is a Japanese who is known more as an artist in the China-Taiwan region, who’s fluent in Japanese and Chinese. Kaneshiro has been in movies like House of Flying Daggers and The Returner.

“I have been learning English because it’s one of the common thing between the film industry and the world,” Jun Ki said. “I am also learning Chinese and Japanese. I don’t want to put a limitations to what I can do.”

He also was not surprised by the amount of fans that have waited for him in the airport.

“No matter where I go, there’ll be lots of fans. But yesterday, I felt some regrets. When I  arrived at the airport, I’m used to greet my fans but the security was too tight yesterday. I felt like I’m a criminal yesterday (regarding the way the security handled him),” Jun Ki laughed as he said so. “Therefore, I couldn’t greet my fans as what I would have done usually.”

Besides Jun Ki, Joo Jin Mo was also invited to the event.


Sitting next to Joan Chen

Greeting the fans…
Source: SINA.cn / Pictures (SINA)
English translation (for only Jun Ki’s part) by fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
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Pssst…the video link is here.

3 thoughts on “Jun Ki at the 27th Hawaiian Intl. Film Festival

  1. I missed his Friday nite award presentation at the Hawaii International Film Festival but my girlfriend got to go with her husband. She was lucky enough to score free tickets. I hope she has a story to tell me tomorrow when i see her lol.

    And yes, it’s true these two security guards hurried him through the airport as though his fans were going to harm him (i saw the local new broadcast and was shocked!). They were huge bruisers and it was so uncalled for!!! I felt sorry for the mostly retired ajummas that were waiting to greet him with leis and upset towards the security guards. Oh well, i think it’s partly a cultural thing……

  2. Yes..i saw the clip of Jun Ki in the airport…i felt pissed even though i wasnt there…how could those stupid body guards b that tight?? = =..i feel sorry 4 the fans..they must b hurt..

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