Galileo (ガリレオ)- I want to watch this!

This is new drama and it has Fukuyama Masaharu and Shibasaki Kou. Furthermore, Karasawa Toshiaki (White Tower) was the villain for the first episode. The plot sounds interesting.

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“Galileo”, the new Fuji TV Monday night drama series, is off to a good start. With a couple of top names – Fukuyama Masaharu (38), in his first starring role in four years, and Shibasaki Kou (26) – the audience ranking for the opening episode was a very respectable 24.7% in the Kanto region, according to Video Research. The series is based on a popular novel by Higashino Keigo, and Fukuyama plays the physics genius Yukawa Manabu, while Shibasaki plays rookie detective Utsumi Kaoru. Each week features a guest villain, with Karasawa Toshiaki (44) taking on the role in the first episode. SMAP member Katori Shingo (30) will make a guest appearance in the fourth episode. In a radical change from his recent TV and movie role as the Monkey god Songoku in “Saiyuki”, he will play a cunning serial killer.

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4 thoughts on “Galileo (ガリレオ)- I want to watch this!

  1. I saw the first ep. and I really liked it.
    Kou’s character is really funny and sweet and I thought it was surprisingly good.

  2. Hi hi…
    i’ve watched till episode 3, yup, really love the series!
    Both Fukuyama & Shibasaki are perfect match and partners in the series, and find their dialogues very entertaining ^^
    What’s more to say, Fukuyama is just too good-looking ^^

    The author, 东野圭吾, has really good sense in physics, which he illustrated in his another novel, about a murder case. And, i’ve ordered the his novel ‘Galileo’, looking forward to receiving the book ^^

  3. Love the series. So far have watched up to episode 6 on It’s smart, witty, and even has some romantic sparks amongst all the mystery stuff.

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