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Sorry for taking so long to post this article up. I have tried my best to translate Wheesung’s answers – some of them I’m not quite sure – therefore, I have included the link to the original Chinese article. So if I have translated it wrongly, feel free to comment and let me know. Oh yes, my grammar sucks too so ignore my grammar πŸ˜›

Enjoy reading the article.

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It’s been 2 years since Wheesung had his album released, earlier this month (September) he finally released his 5th album “Eternal Essence of Music” and he topped the online charts on the first day.

His new song, “Love is Delicious” has reached No.1 in the online download ranking and sales ranking. At the same time, he also topped CYWORLD’s Top100, MELON, JUKEON (multiple songs in the charts).

Since the new album is doing so well, his happiness naturally reflected in his face because of this. However, the reason is more towards achieving his expectations of this album. It’s not difficult to sense this by chatting with him.

Wheesung (W): Hello to SINA users, I am Wheesung, Happy Mid-Autumn Festival (he said it in Chinese). (back to Korean) Hello, I am Wheesung.

SINA (S): Let’s discuss your new album.

W: I included many style of songs in the album. Overall, it is more upbeat.

S: What’s the significance of this album to you?

W: After having worked through this album, I realised that it helped me prepared myself for the future challenges. It has a very deep meaning for me.

S: How it is different from your previous albums?

W: I have too many songs (on my previous albums) that dwelt on sadness (sad love songs), they were more popularize (*1). The songs on my new album focused more on the happiness side of love, less sad songs, more focused on different style of vocal singing and different style of music.

S: When we talked about Wheesung, a lot of people will immediately thought of Wheesung’s style of music (*2). What do you think of it (the style)?

W: I always like R&B, and also think that my vocal suited more to R&B. At first, I thought I have to definitely build my own confidence, therefore I tried many black artists’ style of songs. From now onwards, I want to utilise on my stronger aspects, want to be able to challenge different musical styles, wants to better / overcome my original style, wants to be a singer that makes other people feel (when they listens to my songs).

S: You wrote songs for other singers but in your album but why you didn’t write any for yourself (in this album) ?

W: When I worked with Younha and Lyn, I experienced different feelings.That’s because they themselves have different styles – either their choice of songs or their recording styles. They each have their own charisma. I felt it was meaningful when I put into writing what I felt inside and watching them performing what I have thought. I didn’t write any songs for my album because there’s a lot of good lyricists and composers. And also I felt that I have yet to fully understand songs (*3), therefore I let more mature lyricists to complete the songs.

S: Any aspects that you have to be careful (or take care of) when producing / composing for other singers?

W: The most important thing would be the singer’s current status. You need to pay attention to their singing level, hidden abilities, etc. Only when you have consider all those aspects then you can produce/compose for them.

S: How do you get your inspiration when writing songs?

W: In the beginning, it is a blurry image in my brain, then slowly it will form a clearer picture / concept. After I talk to the singer, my concept will take into shape.

S: Any interesting/funny things to write about when you are writing the songs?

W: When I am writing songs or lyrics, I will try to find things that are common and new to everyone.

S: As a singer, what’s your goal(s)?

W: I don’t think I really have one because I don’t want to be limited by what I have given myself (*4). I usually looked at the situation and decide. What if suddenly I can’ sing? If I have set some goals and I can’t continue singing, wouldn’t it be very sad? I always think there will be an end; when you keep running and running, you may find a solution (to the problem) and may let you to continue walking. (*5)

S: Any plans for China?

W: I have yet to think of anything specific. I will have to first see the reactions of this album in Korea. Then I will plan the next step.

S: Finally, any words you want to say to your fans in China?

W: I hope everyone will continue supporting me. I really looking forward to hold concerts in China. Hope to spend some happy times with the fans. I will work hard to do the promotions for my fifth album. Hopefully we will meet in China soon.

Translation Notes:

*1 – I think the meaning would be it is more commercialised or will receive well with most of the listeners.

*2 – Ehm, I can’t really explain what is Wheesung’s style but he demonstrated it in Star King Ep 37 (6th Oct 2007) lately when he sang Wheesung’s style on Lee Seung Gi’s song. πŸ™‚

*3 – I guess he not just referred to understand songs but also the songwriting part. You know, how to express yourself in songs, etc.

*4 – I think he’s trying to say that goals will limit his achievements, he doesn’t want to be bound by goals. Hmm…

*5 – OK..this part is a bit vague…I’m guessing that he knows that there’s an end to everything but when he has a problem, he will still plod on (never give up) to find a solution to his problem. Maybe in the end, he will find a way and continue what he’s doing. This part really freaks me out because he implied something that I don’t want to hear/know about.

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Source: SINA.cn (original article here)
English translation: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com
Full credits when posting elsewhere, without adding additional credits.


3 thoughts on “Wheesung SINA interview

  1. Thank you for posting the interview. I am wondering if Wheesung will or plans to debut in the U.S. as well. I really do hope so. That would be awesome.

  2. Well, I dont think he will have the time coz he will have to go to the Army, probably after promotions for this album ends. :/ yeah sad that I will not be seeing him for 2 years soon 😦

  3. THANK TO GOD I SEE WEESUNG IM sososo like weesung and korea speshal iwondered travil to south korea (( daejeon or pusan or seoul )) but im so like daejeon because((( kwonsangwoo))) birth this place

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