Jun Ki as a robber in historical times…

I didn’t report the news relating to him going to HK and signed with EEG >< too many news to report / translate 😛 so got lazy…

This robber role – sounds like Robin Hood 😛

Lee Jun Ki who rose to stardom with his feminine clown role in “The King and the Clown” is returning to a historical drama series in an opposite persona.

Lee Jun Ki has been cast as the leading role in “Iljimae” a 20 episode historical drama series to be aired on SBS. He will display his strong charisma through ‘Iljimae’ who is considered a chivalrous robber of the time.

Lee Jun Ki’s manager Kim Woo Jin commented, “He has selected characters that emphasized his manliness since ‘The King and the Clown’ and this character seems to be at the peak of his efforts.”

In the drama series “Iljimae,” Lee Jun Ki will play a character who acts as a usless gangster in the marketplace by day and a chivalrous robber by night.

The series will start filming in November with a location shoot in China as well.

Source: BroAsia.com

9 thoughts on “Jun Ki as a robber in historical times…

  1. I come across your blog sometimes when I’m searching for something–I should say hi once in a while. >< Solid is down but I see you at soompi. ^-^ Waiting to get Wheesung and Tim’s CDs–right now waiting on Suju’s Don’t Don and V.O.S’ single…ordered almost a month ago. -.-

    I didn’t know about this new show of Junki’s–I haven’t been in our Junki forum in a couple of months (intensive TVXQ work on our projects). Bad, espec. since ‘auntie’ (admin) is a friend. If you like him, come check us out–you’ll see the link it my sig.

    Hi. 😀

  2. Elyse,

    O_O where is the link? I can’t find…anyway, you can post here…


    Well, I’m waiting for Virgin Snow too…hopefully it is available for me to buy in M’sia soon… 😦 M’sia a bit slow in getting the latest movies.

  3. aww.

    i can’t wait to see the drama!
    all the jun ki-ness >.<~!!

    i’m sorry you hate him so much :/
    hopefully you’ll be able to see some sides of him that are good…

    thank you for posting this up!!

  4. Excusee mee….kaIRu Piano o_0..i think that is realli tight that u sed YOU HATE LEE JUN KI..yes. people have different taste..but still..it can hurt sum peoples feelings…
    yes ^ ^ i can’t wait 2 c the drama as well ^ ^!!~* he is 2 handsome >.<; x0x

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