What the ?!

…JiSun is leaving Loveholic. I used to collect their MVs – well, I still do now but not religiously keeping tabs on them like I do last time. It all started when I joined this forum that discussed about all things Loveholic and Clazziquai. I do like Clazzi … and well…by joining that forum, I got to know Loveholic too. I consider them “alternative” music. I haven’t been back to that forum – I think I lost its address 😦 … I don’t have lots of time like I used to do to check forums – used to check about 5+ forums every day last time….now I can only go to only half of that amount when I go online and I don’t go online every day 😦

Anyway, I don’t know more about them to comment if JiSun leaving will affect the band’s future.

Hop over to Dramabeans to read the news…clickie here.


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