We are all in love…

…WOW! Congratulations… I think Seung Woo may get a brother-in-law soon šŸ˜›
Big Mama Lee Ji Young, Lee Young Hyun, “Currently in love
“We are all in love.” The four member group Big Mama became more beautiful.

The members who recently started off their 4th album ‘Blossom’ with the title song ‘Baeban (Betrayal)’ carefully revealed they were in love.

Lee Ji Young who wrote her solo song ‘Over the Rainbow’ explained that it is a beautiful love song written for the one person she holds in her heart. She says, “It is yet a burden to say it is love. I met him a while ago through an acquaintance but we officially started dating five months ago. He works in the design industry.”

Lee Young Hyun continued saying, “I met him while I was learning to swim. People think he is a swimming coach but he is actually not. He is involved with organic farming but he may be changing careers soon.”

Shin Yeon Ah married Alexandre Boschi in March and is currently enjoying her new marriage. She comments, “He is a very nice husband who is even nicer after getting married. I am always thankful that he is moved by the smallest things. I never believed in love but my husband has showed me otherwise. We will consider having children after enjoying our time together.”

Source: BroAsia.com


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