Im Soo Jung news

Ah…news on her, one of my fav. actress even though I can’t say I have watched all of her movies/drama…. Anyway, anyone has watch her latest movie? I will wait for the DVD/VCD…

Im Soo-jeong is the number one preferred actress to cast in a joint Asian film, having been chosen by foreign producers and casting directors participating in the Asian Film Market’s co-Production PRO at the ongoing Pusan International Film Festival.

PIFF’s Co-Production PRO is a program facilitating joint film production in Asia. Film industry officials in production, investment and distribution from Asia, the Americas and Europe are sharing information and holding talks on joint productions currently in Busan.

The program is linked to another PIFF side event, Curtain Call, which supports Asian star actors and their management.

Invited to this year’s Curtain Call was Jo In-seon, Im Soo-jeong, Ananda Everingham of Thailand, Tatsuya Fujiwara of Japan and John Cho of the US.

In a vote of some 100 Co-Production PROs, Im ranked number one for the actor most wanted in a joint production.

In a news conference, Im said she would accept such a casting proposal at any time.

Source: KBS Global


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