Yummy handsome Eurasian guy (aka Mr. Henney) in Japan

…and I think he will win over many many hearts in Japan with his looks -tall, handsome, has that gwailo look, etc.

O_O this picture makes me think of Joo Jin Mo coz from this angle shot, he really looks like JJM.

Daniel Henney, a.k.a. the romantic guy, starts his career in Japan beginning with his fan meeting.

Henney had his first fan meeting event held on 4th in “Umeda Art Theater” of Osaka, Japan.

This is Henney’s first official event held in Japan.

Henney became the latest addition to the Korean “Hallyu Star” ever since the drama “My Name is Kim Sam Soon” was aired in Japan and “Waltz of Spring” was introduced through NHK.

His popularity was predicted when he visited Tokyo International Forum Hall for a drama event called “Yoon Seok Ho Drama Concert” in August when he was surrounded by his fans and reporters.

Henney gave his autograph to everyone who attended his fan meeting event and shook everyone’s hand.

His most recent movie was “My Father”, based on true story of Aaron Bates who was adopted by an American Family when he was an infant, looking for his biological father in Korea.

Source: BroAsia.com / Yonhapnews


2 thoughts on “Yummy handsome Eurasian guy (aka Mr. Henney) in Japan

  1. “My Father” looks intresting. i wonder if the movie will screen in malaysia. hopefully they do and bring him here for a promotion. and so i can melt with his charms. again like before ^^

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