Big Mama 4th album sold 60,000 in one day

WOW! That’s really great news – considering the industry slump! They haven’t even release their title MV yet.

Big Mama released their 4th album on the 3rd October recently and made a 60,000 album sales in just a day – putting their sales to be the number 1 highest 1-day album sales ranking chart.

Currently they have yet to release their official title MV but is already ranked No. 1 in some of the online sales chart ranking – proving their strength. From now on, they will compete with YangPa, Lee Soo Young, IVY, etc.

Big Mama will be guest on 5th October show of Yoon Do Hyun Love Letter, will perform at SBS Inkigayo on the 7th to kickstart their new album promotional activities.

Source: SINA / starnews
English translation: fangorn @
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2 thoughts on “Big Mama 4th album sold 60,000 in one day

  1. Is it 6k or 60k? if it’s 60k then wow…good for them. But if it’s 6k, well, it’s also good. I hope this album will beat Suju Vol.2.

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