Big Mama Vol 4, Blossom, cover and tracklist

Haven’t even taking a look at the album (as in listening to it) but I saw on Oi that the MV is out. I’m so busy, I have not the time to go and download those new MVs :/

The packaging for this album looks really nice 🙂 (refer to the 2nd picture).

Album Title: Blossom

Release: 2nd October, 2007


01 Heaven (Feat. Mc Mong)
02 Betray
03 Promises In The World
04 Greeting
05 Over The Rainbow (Lee Ji Young solo)
06 Even If You See My Eyes (Park Min Hae solo)
07 Fla Fla Fla
08 About Ending
09 Bad News (Shin Yeon Ah solo)
10 Because I Love You…(Lee Young Hyun solo)
11 Scream
12 Fla Fla Fla (가재발 Mix)
13 Break Away (Acoustic Ver.)
14 Betray (Mr)
15 Greeting (Mr)
16 Heaven (Mr)

Pictures: Oi Music
English tracklist credits: purpletiger86 @ forums
Full credits when posting elsewhere


4 thoughts on “Big Mama Vol 4, Blossom, cover and tracklist

  1. I haven’t yet listened to any of their music, but have now downloaded this Vol. 4 album to give it a try. They seem to be pretty popular and I like R&B/Pop, so it sounds right up my alley. ^_^

  2. I finally got some time to play this album…it’s really, really good!! Their vocals are super. Now I’ll have to go look for some of their earlier singles and albums. ;>)

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