Wheesung Vol 5 album pictures

Pictures that I took of his Vol 5 album. It’s quite well-designed with a theme of red, white and black. Though I prefer he included more pictures – six day of photo-taking and he gave us only these ? O_O He should have done a photobook! **day-dreaming**


  • Please do not hotlink pictures
  • Click on the picture for a larger version
  • Sorry for the “messy” background

^ that caption is really funny šŸ˜›

Credit: fangorn @ reikanorakuen.wordpress.com

4 thoughts on “Wheesung Vol 5 album pictures

  1. Does anyone know who Wheesung’s referring to in the beginning of the second song “My Way” when he says it’s all about the Jenny, in the beginning? …Curious because my name is Jenny…wondering if he is talking to me. Hmmm….

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