[Live] Park Hyo Shin – Let’s Hate – MusicBank 070422

Yeah, it’s “old” but it’s still this year’s clip 🙂 It’s just that I never get around to post the live clips that I have downloaded… ><

I like PHS Vol 5 album – seriously, it is worth your money to buy it coz

  • all the songs in it are good
  • the cd is very beautifully wrapped

This song was his second title song from the album. The first title song being “Memories Resemble Love”. I actually preferred his style for this song more than MRL’s style. Maybe I prefer men in suits 😛

Download Clip – 21.6 MB
** Special thanks to mintoro **
Note: Please do not post the file link anywhere else.


7 thoughts on “[Live] Park Hyo Shin – Let’s Hate – MusicBank 070422

  1. his voice is so soothingly beautiful when he sang this song. yeah … his new album is worth every cent … in fact, every one of his albums is!!

  2. Hi
    I have a MV of PHS when he asist to Jang DongGun’s Bday Party in 2006.
    But I dont know how post it here…
    So I beg to the Admin contact me (if you want the vod)

    BTW, I love too the voice of Park Hyo Shin ^^ since I watched him in this DVD…

  3. yep i have it too..he sang ‘Love, Love Love’..so cool and the MISA ost..absolutely awesome singer..
    do watch his ‘Next Destination’ concert dvd..kinda old but super performance!

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