Actors attending Curtain Call (PIFF side-event)

Well, they have Jo In Sung, Im Soo Jung and Tatsuya Fujiwara (the lead actor in Death Note and Battle Royale). WOW, actors/actress that I like 🙂 Has the PIFF ended? O_O

If yes, then maybe have pics…

Popular actor Jo In-Sung and actress Im Soo-Jung have been chosen as the nation’s top actors.

The pair was chosen as Korea’s representative actor and actress at the “Star Summit Asia.” The summit, a side event of the Busan International Film Festival and Asian Film Market, gathers Asia’s biggest stars together to introduce their talents and network with production companies casting for their next film.

Jo and Im were invited to attend “Curtain Call,” which introduces the actors featured in films at the Busan Film Festival or the Asian Film Market. Korean-American actor John Cho, Chinese actress Yu Nan, Japan’s Tatsuya Fujiwara and Thailand’s Ananda Everingham also attended the event that took place on the 18th.

Source: RKI KBS


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