Rebirth of Yoo Seung Joon

This was the guy that made the headlines when I first joined the KPOP scenes for not joining the army when he was supposed to. He was treated like a country traitor! Since he can’t be in Korea…I wonder how he’s going to promote his album.

Yoo Seung Joon releases new album

Singer Yoo Seung-joon has released an album in Korea for the first time in six years.

Yoo’s management agency said his seventh studio album was released simultaneously in ten countries in Asia, including Korea, on September 18. The agency said that profits earned from album sales will be used for charity.

Yoo’s seventh album, entitled ‘Rebirth of Ysj’ has been produced in two versions, one for Asian and one for Korean listeners. In the Asian version, half of the songs are sung in Chinese and the other half in Korean. Yoo’s management agency said that, as the singer is still banned from entering Korea, it has yet to consider promoting the album in his native country. It went on to cite “strong demand by Yoo’s fans” as the reason for its decision to distribute the singer’s latest album in Korea.

Most of the songs in the new album are hip-hop, including the title track ‘My World,’ and several Korean singers, including rapper Hoony Hoon and Eugene and Janggeun of Supasta, are featured.

Source: KBS Global


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