[MV] Wheesung – Love Is Delicious

Eh…sorry about the late post…not been free lately to do screencapping/uploading that kinda stuff.

I like this MV because it is the happy Wheesung that we seen here. We always saw the sad/suffering Wheesung in his previous MVs. Furthermore, the song is catchy enough.

I also like the way Wheesung dresses here. 🙂

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures, you may click on it for larger version.

^ I like his shoes 🙂 white… and his dress … white…

^ various pics of Wheesung smiling 🙂

^ Wheesung in an old TV!

^ The first group .. .His MV contains 3 different group of people that was affected by the song.

^ She is the same girl in the Magolpy’s MV (I don’t think I post that MV) and she also starred in Thank You drama. I’ve forgotten what is her name but gosh, she is very very cute!

^ The third group of people – a fighting but later reconciled couple

^ I like this stage – it’s very striking…

^ He’s wearing red boxers ? 😛 Anyway, this was the part that they chose for the Rough Cut version of the MV preview.

^ These studio people are really funny in the MV, especially the guy on the right. He looked familiar though…

Near the end of the MV, he appeared in each of the group. I couldn’t capture a clear pic of the first group coz Wheesung and the guys & gals were dancing/bouncing around…

^ that’s a very very nice picture of him smiling

Download MV – 33.6 MB
Please do not post the file link anywhere else


5 thoughts on “[MV] Wheesung – Love Is Delicious

  1. I like it, very nice! I never heard of this artist (-_-“), and the video is cute – except for the dance sequence, that was a bit strange.
    Anyways, if you happen to have the audio version (and maybe the instrumental one?), please send me an e-mail; I ‘d love to have the song on my computer! Thanks for the post! Chii~!

  2. Late comment, but the girl in the picture is not from Thank you – it was some other girl.

    And the guy on the right is HAHA.

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