ERU vol 3, ERU Returns, cover and tracklist

O_O time flies…he’s now coming out with Vol 3…. LOL, I almost forgotten that he’s supposed to release the album in the same month as Wheesung’s.

Album Title: ERU Returns

Release Date: 19th September 2007


01 둘이라서 / Because It’s the Two of Us
02 사랑했나요 / Have We Loved
03 겨울나기 / Wintering
04 사랑이라는 슬픈얘기 / Love is Sad Talk
05 마네킹 / Mannequin
06 사랑해 / I Love You
07 가면 / Disguise
08 행복합니다 / I’m Happy
09 그녀가 울어요 / She is Crying
10 한마디/ One Word
11 인사말 / Greetings

Credits: Oishop / english tracklist by motoway065 @ forums


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