Joe Odagiri’s Sad Vacation

ah…for those who like Joe Odagiri (I know who you are 🙂 ), hop over to Twitchfilm’s review of that movie.

Yesterday after my exam, I went to the SinMa shopping complex to look (and buy) some DVDs… I saw one of Joe’s film…didn’t buy it coz I’m running out of cash! The film is Yureru but the name on the DVD is not called that! It’s E-something P-something! I guess it was a Latin name :O If not for the cover (big close pic of him and the bridge behind him), I wouldn’t have recognise that this is Yureru -__-

Anyway, I will buy it when I go there in my next round (probably in Oct). I also intend to pickup Rainbow’s Song (Niji no megami), that film by Shunji Iwai (u know, Love Letter’s director).

I bought Tada, Kimi o Aishiteru (Heavenly Forest) – muahahah…finally!!! And I like the movie (even though it’s on the sad side). Don’t know if I have the time to write an impression on it. 🙂

Hop over to Twitchfilm’s Sad Vacation review.


4 thoughts on “Joe Odagiri’s Sad Vacation

  1. i just hate how they (i mean those who produce these dvds here in Malaysia) always change the titles of movies (especially the Japanese ones) … some of which don’t make no sense at all or sound kinda stupid. sometimes it makes me wonder if they even have the license to produce those dvds here!! they should have at least put the international title for the movie on the cover, if not the Japanese title!

    since Yureru is available here, hopefully his other movies like Mushishi and Pachiagi! will be too soon. i’ve read about Sad Vacation before … i think this is the second time he worked together with Asano Tadanobu after Bright Life. and this movie also has Aoi Miyazaki!!

    mmm … where did u buy Heavenly Forest? is it a dvd or vcd?

  2. Yureru .. i watch that one .. the ending was so .. dramatic ..
    i was crying towards the ending .. when he find out the truth ..

    ‘Sad Vacation’ .. ehm i hope this one is good. Gonna to try this after raya .. hehehe.

  3. You’re so lucky to have picked up Heavenly Forest. I want to watch this again on video, but I haven’t been able to find one with english subtitles yet.

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