Wheesung interview for the new MV

Sorry, I can’t seem to upload the MV to sendspace – maybe I will try later again tonight (if I have the time!)

LOL, this is a funny but really true article. He never smiled before in his past MVs and that’s because most of the songs he sang  (title songs) were not the happy ones like this title song!

And the MV is cool…I like the way he danced and he looked (finally) great in white 🙂

“I think it was the first time I smiled in my music video since I debuted.”

Wheesung who had maintained a rather depressing image smiled. In the title song for his 5th album’s Love is Delicious,’ Wheesung appears with a big smile.

The music video which will be revealed on the 11th through various music websites is directed by Cho Soo Hyun and was filmed on a set in Yongin. The video, taking on the bright tone of the song, features Wheesung’s performance and three episodes.

The music video features Wheesung covered with cake full of cream or playing the piano child star Kim Hyang Gi, and more.

Regarding the filming, Wheesung comments, “I’m used to a darker tone of acting as I have only filmed music videos where I shoot a gun or cry in the rain. I think this is the first time I acted happily,” expressing his awkwardness.

The title song, “Love is Delicious,” has been ranked number one on music charts such as Soribada, Bugs, and more.

Source: BroAsia.com


5 thoughts on “Wheesung interview for the new MV

  1. yeah .. now baru i perasan …
    glad that he did smile a lot in his new MV ..

    eventhough that I’m not really into his new album ..
    but i still adore his voice and his performance ..
    great and entertained …

    dear friends i still couldn’t find a cut from yoon do hyun love letter but i do have from ingkigayo .. if u want i can upload it for u .. ^^

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