Tablo is an actor now…

oooh….this is news… Didn’t know he acted in a film…And the film is, hmm, at least the film name sounds “weird” ? Art-house film 🙂

BTW, talking about him, did he guest rap in Wheesung new album? coz I heard he did and I’m not sure. Anybody knows?

Tablo to Visit Pusan Film Festival as Actor

Tablo, a member of the hip-hop group Epic High, will visit the Pusan International Film Festival next month not as a singer but as an actor.

The reason for Tablo’s visit is his big-screen debut movie “Fantastic Parasuicides,” which has been invited to the festival’s Wide Angle category. The Wide Angle category features full-length and short films as well as documentaries and anime films that were produced that year and drew the most attention.

“Fantastic Parasuicides” is an omnibus film consisting of three short films. One of them, “Three People in the Dark,” was produced by Park Soo-young, who has received significant attention at various overseas film festivals. Tablo plays the role of an eccentric student who wants to blow up his school to achieve world peace.

“Fantastic Parasuicides” will premiere at the Pusan festival Oct. 7 and 9, and will be screened at Art Plus theaters in early November.

Source: KBS Global


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