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hahaha, guess all I’m posting were mostly wheesung’s 😛 sorry…it’s been awhile since we have news of him – he’s been quiet these past 2 years, you see.

Wheesung’s album sales topped online sales chart

It’s been 2 years and on 4th September, he finally released his fifth album, “Eternal Essence of Music”.  Even though the album has been released for only 1 day, it has topped all the online music charts.

New title song, “Love is Delicious”, has been the top downloaded and sold (collect?) songs in the charts. In CYWORLD’s Top 100 charts, Wheesung’s songs and 10 other songs were also ranked in the charts. MELON and JUKEON charts also have 2-3 songs ranked.

An online store’s representative said that it’s been awhile since there’s such an album that generated this kind of interest, taking into consideration the current industry slump. It’s not just the title song but also other songs as well. Wheesung album topped the chart after only 1 hour after the album was released.

There were some online listeners that said the album felt a bit strange and some even commented that they have yet to accustom to his new style. However, most of the comments were positive like “trend-setter”,”successfully changed his image”,”perfect singing”, “the album have become more gentle”, etc.

Wheesung will perform “Love Is Delicious” on SBS InkiGayo on the 6th September.

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12 thoughts on “News – wheesung

  1. I finally got around to listening to the album this afternoon. Overall, I liked all the songs quite a bit. I was particularly interested in hearing the collaborations: Track 1 – Love Hero (feat. J), Track 08 – Savannah Woman (feat. Verbal Jint), and Track 10 – To Touch (feat. Younha), and wasn’t disappointed in any of those. So far, my favorite tracks are Track 2 – My Way; Track 12 – Stand In front of Separation; and Track 14 – Against All Odds, the cover of Phil Collin’s “Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)”. While Wheesung’s cover isn’t nearly as good as the original or even Mariah Carey’s cover of it, I’ve always liked that song. ^_^

    I’m not the person to comment on Wheesung’s music, since this is the first album of his I’ve actually listened to, but I did know he was more known for R&B songs, so can see where this might seem more mainstream to Wheesung fans, like you said. But for me that’s a good thing and the reason I wanted to make this my starting point for Wheesung. :>)

  2. Actually, I’m growing to like this album. When I first heard it, I was kinda shocked O_O coz it’s totally 100% different from all his previous albums. It’s more upbeat and less soulful. IMO this album is more “diversify” than his previous works. Even though I am not expert in defining or recognizing music genres, I find that he tried to include different things (not the usual R&B, hip-hop, etc). Another thing I noticed is that the musical arrangements of each song. Richer…

    My impressions:

    o Track 1 – the first track to grab my attention, BTW; when he sang the words “Smile Smile”, “Cry Cry”, “Love Love” 😛

    o Track 2 – the way he sang this song 😛 and do I detect “reggae” – the song reminded me of those Jamaican songs.

    o Track 3 – I love the inclusion of Beethoven’s Pathetique Sonata…I love that sonata piece! This song is very upbeat, IMO, especially the chorus part 🙂

    o Track 4 – back to old wheesung style

    o Track 5 – this song just didn’t impress me enough right now…

    o Track 6 – even though it’s a remake but I still like this song. I never heard the original so I don’t know how’s the original song sounds like…

    o Track 7 – a bit Chinese-y…err..that’s all that I remembered… :/

    o Track 8 – another remake … I’m not really fond of Verbal Jint’s rap though. I like the song’s arrangement – it’s jazzy 🙂 – he seldom …or wait does he ever?.. sing this kind of song before.

    o Track 9 – lol, don’t know why, the more I listens to this song, the more I like it…maybe it has to do with him singing “Oh Oh Oh Oh 이런 Situation” repeatedly…

    o Track 10 – ehm..I have mixed feelings about this song. Younha voice is good here but wheesung’s rapping…hmm… the song – it is like a Japanese-style song…wheesung sounds angry here O_O he likes shouting in this song (even though he’s actually rapping)

    o Track 11 – it reminds me of one of those US/UK R&B song – u know those sang by Blue, Craig David, etc…. like it 🙂

    o Track 12 – I still prefer Track 5 for the slower song…maybe a few more times listening…. 😛

    o Track 13 – Maybe it’s the song name (Punishment) – trying to like this song hahaha…this song reminds me of a Bi’s song.

    o Track 14 – he still sounds “fobbish” here but I have heard this song long time ago (he released this song as a digital single). I won’t be comparing him to Mariah Carey or the original LOL…

  3. I personally really like the pathetique sonata, love is delicious. I didn’t know track 14 was sung by mariah carey….i thought it was phil collins.

  4. A little bit strange in his new album, but good anyway ^^
    My favourtie : Sudden Secret 😛 impressive ( or personally just to my liking XD )

    Have those songs been translated in English anywhere ? I don’t know the first thing about Korean ._.”

  5. Since I mentioned the Mariah Carey cover of this Phil Collins song, here’s a link for it, if you’d like to compare.

    Mariah Carey – Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) (feat. Westlife) – 128kpbs – 3.08MBs

    After a few more listens to Wheesung’s new album, I find that I’m enjoying virtually all the songs. ^_^

  6. jennysuh,

    it was by Phil Collins…then Mariah sang a remake (refer to Steve comment)


    LOL, yes the same happened to me…I think this album is the kind of album that grows on you. Thanks for the link, BTW.


    Translated in English? as in the lyrics? Im not sure…I do have the Korean lyrics though.

  7. There’s 2 MV previews already released. I haven’t the time to upload them (maybe later). The second MV preview is sooo nice…I meant…he looked real good in it and the video has the little girl that was in Magolpy’s MV 🙂

    The first preview (rough cut) mv has him dancing only …guess for this song, he danced a LOT!

    I will try to post the new mv once it is out.

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