[Live] J feat. Lee Jung – With Tears – MusicCore 070707

I like this song – it’s one of the better duet song out there now. I also like the setting for this performance – all greenish-blueish like the sea, very romantic. This episode of Music Core is very special as it also falls on 7th July 2007 (lol, which was also the day before my birthday!)

I’m beginning to like Lee Jung as I see more of him (with J and WANTED). I just realised that he has similar facial features as Wheesung. If you looked at one of the caps that I made that showed him sideways, he really does looked a bit like Wheesung (back in the dasy when he’s more “buff”-y). I think they both know each other since Wheesung is quite close with members of WANTED and most of WANTED members were former 7dayz members (Lee Jung was a former 7Dayz member).

As for J, she sang a duet with Howl (Perhaps Love) early in January for the Goong theme song. Both duet songs are good. :/ I don’t think I have Perhaps Love live – any one of you have it? If yes, would you like to share with me please ???

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^ title 🙂

I have to thank mintoro @ soompi.com forums for making the cut clip – that’s why in my file link, I have included “mintoro” at the end of the file name. So, everyone, please also thank mintoro 🙂
Download Clip – 35 MB
Please do not post this file link elsewhere


3 thoughts on “[Live] J feat. Lee Jung – With Tears – MusicCore 070707

  1. I first noticed Lee Jung on Unstoppabe Wedding, and when I found out he was a singer I pretty much went crazy.
    His voice is so smoothing and beautiful.
    I haven’t heard his first 3 albums but the forth one is mesmerizing.

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