[MV] Jay Chou – Secret

Since my line is pretty stable now, I will now resume my usual MV/live clips upload 🙂

This is the MV to the Jay Chou’s directorial debut movie (which he wrote and starred in).  The MV featured scenes from his movie – like watching an extended trailer 😛 . He composed the music for this song (as usual) and his partner-in-lyrics, Fang Wen San, wrote the lyrics.

I have yet to watch it though. Any of you have watched it? If yes, tell me how is it? I heard from online that he has been quite favorable reviews for his movie. I think he may get a nom for New Director at the next HK Golden Awards and Taiwan Golden Horse Awards.

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The title. Actually, the Chinese words are “The secret that cannot be told”.

The mv started with him on a beach besides a piano, speaking to his phone. We can’t hear what’s his saying but it was written on the screen.

“Today is 25th December, I am still unable to forget you…”
“I have recorded all the things that I want to say to you inside (this phone)…”
“Lastly, I am dedicating this song to you…”

With those words “said”, he proceed to play the song, after he placed the phone inside the bottle…

^ :/ such expensive phone to throw into the sea!

Download MV – 55 MB MPG
Please do not post file link elsewhere

6 thoughts on “[MV] Jay Chou – Secret

  1. I’ve got tons of Japanese, Korean and Chinese music and video files on my computer…enough so that I’m now about in need of a second, add-on, external 250GB hard drive (then again, I was eyeing a brand new 320GB computer [$698] Wal*Mart.com was offering online recently). My most recent large downloads were for Jolin Tsai, A-mei Chang, Angela Chang and, last night, several more of BoA’s concert videos I hadn’t already gotten to. ^_^

    I did initially get drawn towards J-Pop when I became kinda bored with the current crop of American music, but have branched out a lot over the last three to four years.

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