SG Wannabe’s Vol 1 Music 2.0 album reached 50,000 pre-orders

It’s a short old news but hey, I take whatever I can find šŸ˜› .Ā  I’m not sure if I want to buy their Vol 3 Music 2 since I already have the original version hmmm…

However, I will buy their Vol 2 coz I haven’t bought it yet -___- too many CDs in my to-buy queue and I can only buy a few each month (tight budget la)…

SG Wannabe’s first album Music 2.0 Special edition has already reached a pre-order of 50,000 copies.SG will release the album on the 28th with a 2CD version. The first CD will be the first album while the second CD will comprise of re-arranged songs, totalled to 16 songs.

And SG will release Music 2.0 edition for their Vol 2 and Vol 3 in the future.

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2 thoughts on “SG Wannabe’s Vol 1 Music 2.0 album reached 50,000 pre-orders

  1. u know … i really really hope they will release a live concert dvd soon. i wunder why Korean singers rarely come out with live concert dvds (except maybe for Shinhwa and DBSK) … unlike their Japanese counterparts.

  2. well, you can always watch their Big4 concert clips šŸ™‚

    I do have one of their zIcon concert clips which was good – it was held before their Vol 3, I think – can’t remember as it was long time ago.

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