Yu Aoi and Bong Joon-Ho are together…

…in a film – she stars, he directs. I sometimes mistaken Yu Aoi with Miyazaki Aoi >< coz both of them have the same name. I only watched her once in Letter from Niraikanai (the older movie – not the recent one). I have yet to watch Honey Clover. Talking about J-movie, have anybody manage to find these movies here (on sale) in M’sia – Linda Linda Linda and Yoshino’s Barber Shop?

Yu Aoi, a top Japanese actress, has recently been asked to appear on an episode of a joint film project titled “Tokyo!” It is a production of three movie companies from Korea, France and Japan. The directors are Bong Joon-ho of Korea and Leos Carax and Michel Gondry of France.

The episode, titled “Shaking Tokyo,” is receiving attention from the Korean public because of Bong and Aoi’s collaboration. Bong is the renowned director of the highly successful film “The Host.”

Aoi appears as a pizza delivery girl who captures the heart of a man who has been a hikikomori, or recluse, for 10 years.

Other cast actors are Teruyuki Kagawa and Naoto Takenaka. Shooting began this month. All episodes of “Tokyo!” are scheduled to screen next year.

With Aoi, another prominent Korean actor Lee Byung-hun is starring in an American-French joint production, “I Come with the Rain,” as a gang leader. The film’s director, Tran Anh Hung, is Vietnamese. Other actors are Hollywood star Josh Hartnett and Takuya Kimura.

Source: by Lee Seung-eun @ JoongAng Ilbo


4 thoughts on “Yu Aoi and Bong Joon-Ho are together…

  1. mmm … with Director Bong and great actors like Teruyuki Kagawa and Aoi Yu … nothing can go wrong! it’s good to see so much collaboration work between Japan and Korea …

    so … u’re looking for Linda Linda Linda and Yoshino’s Barber Shop too??? i managed to download the former but unfortunately, that copy has some background voice commenting on the movie, so i just deleted it without watching the whole thing. i thought i’ve seen copies of its vcd in KL … but i might be mistaken cos the cover for this movie is quite similar to Swing Girls. fortunately enough, its dvd released with english sub … and available at YesAsia.

    last week, these movies are amongst those shown at Golden Village Cinema in conjunction with the Japanese Film Fest, i wanted to see them and some others but the showtime is inconvenient for me!! actually, i wanted to watch Yoshino’s Barber Shop and Pachiagi! (We Will Overcome Someday) because i can’t find Barber’s dvd anywhere online and Pachiagi!’s dvd has no english sub!!

    i’ve previously seen Kamome Shokudo (Seagull’s Diner) by the same director who did Yoshino’s Barber Shop and like it very much. and as for Pachiagi! … it’s a Jo Odagiri’s movie!!!!which i think have won some awards in Japan.

    i hope the dvd / vcd for the movies shown at the Fest will come out soon here …

  2. yeah, Pachiagi also.

    Same with me – the Japanese film fest screen times were really not very convenient for me and it’s far from where I live :/

    O_O, I don’t know Pachiagi has JO in it…

  3. I’m a huge Yu Aoi fan^^
    She’s so versatile, you should see Hana and Alice , Hula girls and Mushishi where she’s in.
    But the movies sounds interesting

  4. wow Jenyy … u’ve seen Mushishi?? is the dvd out already or did u see it at a cinema? i’m also interested in it as Jo Odagiri is the main character. yeah .. Aoi Yu is a great actress … seen those films u’ve mentioned (except Mushishi) and also some others …

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