Son Ho Young “Under The Sea” concert pics

Concert pics. Yeah, I know, it ended ages ago but I only have access to them now. There’s 23 of these pics. Haven’t check the soompi thread for more pics πŸ™‚ – they are not in order, LOL, too lazy to re-order them properly.

And I finally listened to his latest single – good πŸ™‚ – will probably buy the single along with his album.

Note: Please do not hotlink pictures. Click on the pic for larger version.

Source: / re-uploaded by fangorn @


2 thoughts on “Son Ho Young “Under The Sea” concert pics

  1. awwwww that is my man *sighing softly*…..

    again i can not stress this enough… why is his stylist doing this to him. what is with that plastic shirt? granted you can see his hot body, but don’t they know that we can see it better without the….and those pink shorts i am not even going to touch on that they speak for themselves.

    BUT….the biggest point that got me so piss is that woman all over my man. do she really want me to put holes in her face.lololololololol

  2. I forgave him for that see-thru plastic thing..
    he’s only flaunting his sexy bod’…*giggles* I read he arranged buses for his fans to ferry them home after the whacky, wet, wild n wonderful concerts..another reason why i love Hoi…*saranghe..saranghe..*

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