Pre-order for Wheesung’s Vol 5 reached 70,000+

I’m glad that his pre-order numbers have reached 70,000 – well, I hope he will sells over 100,000. Korean music industry have been in a downward progress since I first listened to K-music :/. I encourage all of you who truly like K-music to go and purchase the CDs (or like some countries you can purchase the online CD versions) that you have downloaded from the net. Yeah, yeah, you will think it’s free, why do I need to purchase the CD when I already have the free mp3? Have you thought that if you do not give your support to the industry back, there will be no more mp3 for you to download in the future because they will eventually stopped producing those CDs ? And please do not purchase pirated copies :/ .

** Update 2 Sep: Added Japanese version news – additional info is that the initial production planned was 50,000 copies **

News #1:

Pre-order for Wheesung’s new album have reached 70,000+

Wheesung’s fifth album, “Eternal Essence of Music”, will officially released on 4th September but the pre-order for his album have reached 70,000+ copies. Hence, his record company has to now start additional production to meet the demand.

The representative from the production company said that Wheesung’s case (i.e. pre-order exceeds expectations) is kind of rare nowadays. They have already started the additional production because the pre-orders keep coming in.

Wheesung’s new album have been on pre-order sales through all the major online stores since 17th August. The day his album went on pre-order sales, his album topped the pre-order sales chart.

He will make participate in various music shows during his album release.

Source: / edaily spn
English translation by: fangorn @
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Japanese version:


9月4日リリース予定のフィソンの正規5集アルバムの予約注文が暴走している。まだ発売もされていないフィソンの5集アルバム『Eternal Essence Of Music』の初盤予約注文が、初回制作量の5万枚を超え7万枚に達しているということだ。フィソン5集アルバムの流通を担当しているマヌォルダン側は 「本発売が成される前に追加制作に取りかかることは珍しい」といい、「現在も注文が途絶えずに入ってきていて、本発売が行われる前の追加制作が不可避な状 態である」と説明した。また「今までの成り行きを見ると本格的な活動以後、その勢いに乗って今年の最も多い販売量を記録するだろうと期待している」と話し た。またフィソンは9月4日のアルバムリリースと共に、各種音楽放送及び公演を通じて本格的な活動を行う予定である。



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