Lee Jun-Ki to be in Japan to…

…promote My Girl. Hmm, why LDW is not there? I haven’t be actively keeping tabs on LDW lately – anybody knows what he’s doing? I am still waiting for that Part 2 mv (JED) :/ been out of the online world for too long **shakes head**

Hmm… that movie – Splendid Holiday – I think it’s called “May 18” in S.Korea 🙂 That movie is still #1 in the B.O., the last I heard.

Actor Lee Jun Ki is promoting in Japan. Capturing audiences both on screen and television through the 2005 ‘My Girl’ and movie ‘The King and the Clown,’ he will now reach out to Japan amidst his popularity in the current drama series ‘Time Between Dog and Wolf’ as well as the movie ‘Splendid Holiday.’

‘My Girl’ will be aired starting on the 6th through TV Tokyo. Lee Jun Ki will attend an event commemorating the broadcast of ‘My Girl’ at the Tokyo International Forum on September 13th and also an event for the opening of his official Japanese website and fan club the following day. The event on the 14th will be held with 150 invited fan members preceded by a press conference. He will also conduct personal interviews with various media personnel on the 15th.

The event on the 13th has been gathering attention for the planned 30 minute talk with Iwai Shimako, a writer and fan of Lee Jun Ki.

Source: BroAsia.com


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